Why invest in a modular outdoor kitchen?

Modular outdoor kitchen cabinets really are the best option.

The primary reason people build outdoor kitchens is to increase the joy of cooking outside. Organization is key to this happiness. Going the traditional route with stainless steel doors placed into stonework, looks great on the outside but it does not have any features within. With an unfinished interior, there are no shelves or drawers to organize the kitchen. Imagine your interior kitchen without shelves! What a mess that would be..

It requires little to no kitchen design and planning.

The biggest draw for me is that it can be used immediately. Constructing a modular outdoor kitchen may take only a few hours when compared to building a customized outdoor kitchen that may take weeks. Choosing prefabricated modular outdoor kitchens saves you time and energy because the work is already done for you compared to building a custom-designed outdoor kitchen. However, this is not to say that modules can’t be customized; you may design your outdoor kitchen the way you want. And the best part is, this investment is not lost when you move! It can be taken with you. Building another outdoor kitchen in your new home will incur extra costs. If you move quite a lot, it is best to invest in a modular kitchen that you can take with you instead of having built-in every time you move into a new house. If you would like to have a custom look and stonework, a contractor would have to be used to install granite, tile or stucco for the walls and countertops.  And when working with a contractor your imagination is the limit. Basically, a modular outdoor kitchen just makes everything easier as all aspects of the island is already built. If you need any help designing your outdoor kitchen, just give us a call! We would be happy to help. All the best, 4 Life Outdoor
Gray stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets page
White stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets
Stainless steel countertops and side panels

We can help you design your space!

Send us a picture and dimensions of your space to designhelp@4lifeoutdoor.com.  We can place the cabinets into the picture to scale for you to see exactly how it would all look!

Any help you need, we’re here to give our expertise.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

4 Life Outdoor team

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