Perhaps you already have an outdoor kitchen and need additional surface space. Or perhaps you are starting off with your backyard design and need an outdoor kitchen which includes an island. Either way, we can help you design your perfect space and look at various outdoor kitchen island ideas.

At 4 Life Outdoor, the modular cabinets can offer many possibilities. If you don’t intend to involve a contractor to connect gas or water supplies and are hoping for a quick project, you can line up however many combination of cabinets you wish and cover it with a stainless steel countertop.

beer and wings on stainless countertop on rain day

Another easy option is to have a grill island that incorporates a grill or kamado cabinet. Most customers would look into adding sides and back panels to insure a seamless, well finished design all around. With only 4 bolts to tighten between each cabinet, this project can be completed by yourself!

OUtdoor kitchen Corner Back Panels



If you are looking to incorporate appliances into your grill island, there are also multiple options offered to you. They would of course involve expert knowledge in wiring/plumbing and/or gas. A contractor would be able to advise on where pipes should be located to insure safety. Also, if you live in a colder climate, offering positioning tips so nothing busts when the freezing temperatures hit.

A sink can be inserted into a 2-drawer cabinet through a cutout in a stone countertop of your choice. If you choose to insert a sink, stone countertops are best as they can be custom cut. We do receive questions about cutting through our stainless steel countertops; however, it is not recommended as it voids the guarantee automatically. Also, a drop-in sink would be best in that situation as the heat from the saw might leave some marks. Again, this is not something we recommend doing, but it’s been done by a few customers.

Some customers have told us that used the drawer+2 door cabinet to drop a sink in, leaving the top drawer as a decorative piece.

Many customers choose to leave some room for a beverage refrigerator as shown below.  2 cabinets and a great stone countertop of your choice can make a great island on its own.


2149 4 Life Outdoor White Stainless Steel 2 PC Outdoor Kitchen 1 x 2-Door 1 x Drawer Plus 2-Door


If you need help with your grill island design, feel free to give us a call or email us. You can also email us a picture and dimensions of the space you have so we can place the cabinets directly into it for you to get an idea of what it would look like. Our expertise and consultation is always free!

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We can help you design your space!

Send us a picture and dimensions of your space to  We can place the cabinets into the picture for you to see exactly how it would all look.

Any help you need, we’re here to give our expertise.

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