DIY Outdoor Kitchens

Hi, congrats on taking the first step on creating your outdoor kitchen.  And you are looking at doing it yourself! Good on you.  That money you are saving on doing it yourself will let you get a little extra on the appliances or the furniture for your outdoor room. The first step is deciding what kind of outdoor kitchen setup you are looking for. It is a straight line outdoor kitchen? Maybe you are looking at filling a corner? Below we have two options for you. Both options are complete cabinet systems. No need for anything but your favorite appliances. 

You are going to love the quality of workmanship – from the polished corners of the countertops, to the perfect welds throughout the cabinet, we know you will be impressed with the quality. 

Have comfort in knowing that we are a family run business and meticulously inspect each cabinet. We put our heart into each cabinet. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy these cabinets for a lifetime a gatherings. Cheers! 




Examples for all stainless island setups

5.5 ft – 15 ft long.










 Examples for corner setups

5.5 ft – 15 ft long.

We can help you design your space!

Send us a picture of your space and we can place our cabinets for you to see!

Any help you need, we're here to give our expertise.

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4 Life Outdoor team

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I want stone countertops installed by a contractor with drop-in appliances/sink.

Create an outdoor kitchen with a custom countertop.

Creating an outdoor kitchen with custom countertop and stone surround with cabinets within.

 Contractor will build a stone outdoor kitchen.