Homes with ‘Heated Floors,’ ‘Professional appliances,’ or ‘Outdoor Kitchens’ Sell for Nearly 30 Percent More than Expected


Home owners love to have quality luxuries in their home. When buying a home, many of the new luxuries are quickly becoming standard. According to  Zillow’s 2018 Home Features that Sell analysis, of all homes listed for sale on Zillow between 2016 and 2017, those mentioning Homes touting “professional appliances” and other unique chef-friendly amenities like “pizza oven,” “outdoor kitchen” or “prep sink” sold for a premium of over 25 percent.

While there are a variety of reasons a home may sell faster or for more money than expected, understanding what’s popular among buyers can also help homeowners thinking about remodeling. For example, for-sale listings touting “new carpets” saw no boost in sale price, but listings mentioning “hardwood floors” sold for a 10 percent premium while those with “herringbone patterned floors” sold for as much as 21 percent more than expected.

Below is a good list of home features which had the greatest impact.

Home Feature Keyword Effect (percent 
homes sell for
above expected
Most Common 
Steam shower 29% Chicago, IL
Professional appliance 29% Los Angeles, CA
Pizza oven 26% Los Angeles, CA
Pet shower 25% Denver, CO
Outdoor kitchen 25% Dallas, TX
Entertainer or prep sink 25% Los Angeles, CA
Shed or garage studio 24% Los Angeles, CA
Heated floors / radiant heat 24% New York, NY
Meditation room 24% Los Angeles, CA
Wine fridge 22% Los Angeles, CA
Chef’s kitchen 21% Los Angeles, CA
Craftsman 21% Seattle, WA
Herringbone or parquet floors 21% New York, NY
Free-standing tub 21% Los Angeles, CA
Solar panels 21% Los Angeles, CA
Coffered ceiling 20% Atlanta, GA
Outdoor fireplace 20% Los Angeles, CA
Carrara marble 19% Los Angeles, CA
Home theater 19% Denver, CO
Farmhouse sink 19% Los Angeles, CA


From Zillow Research, they say: This analysis measured how listing keywords associated with different home features can impact the sale price and time on market of a home, holding constant other factors. We analyzed 3.6 million home sales between 2016 and 2017 to identify which home attributes found in listing descriptions are associated with a higher sale price and less time on market. Multiple regression was used to control for the age and size of the property, the year and quarter of sale, zip-code-level ZHVI at time of list (local market cost), MSA-level ZHVI growth compared to national growth at time of list (local market hotness), and county value tier at time of list.

Pretty good knowing what to fix for the biggest gains! But one thing is for sure, if the sun is shining, the family in that home will enjoy the sun in the yard. Creating that perfect outdoor room is easy and the investment will pay off.

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