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Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg –


What is a Kamado?

The word ‘Kamado’ comes from the Japanese word “Mushikamado” – a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal-fired earthen vessel.  This type of grill has been popular in Japan for centuries.

Modern kamado grills are made from a thick ceramic structure which allows the heat to be efficiently retained, even for more than 12 hours.

A kamado grill is so versatile, allowing you to grill and sear with high heat, or smoke meats low and slow, or roast your food to perfection. The temperature control is very precise and made even easier with third-party accessories.


What are the differences between the two grills?

The Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg have many similarities. They are both made of high-fired ceramics and glaze. They are both backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Big Green Egg comes standard with stainless steel cooking grates and a one-level cooking system.

The Kamado Joe wins a point with their divide-and-conquer cooking system. The stainless steel grates are in two halves.  This allows you to cook with two different temperate zones at the same time.  The divide-and-conquer system also comes standard with an accessory rack and two half-moon ceramic heat deflector plates.  The accessory rack allows you to place a water pan under the grates. You can also set a wok or pizza stone! The Kamado Joe also comes with a grate lifter tool and a fire poker.

For the Big Green Egg there are many accessories too. But you would have to purchase them separately.

kamado Joe divide and conquer


Differences in Firebox and construction?

Within the Big Green Egg, you will find a ceramic fire ring sitting on top of the ceramic firebox.

With the Kamado Joe, they use a multi-panel firebox that is retained with a stainless steel ring.

They both use a cast-iron fire grate which is perforated for charcoal airflow.

Firebox Kamado Joe vs Green Egg

The Kamado Joe also includes a pullout smoke box/ash catcher. This is helpful when you have your heat deflectors on and just need to add some wood chips.

The slow roller is the big difference between the two grills. The slow roller creates a pressurized area where the smoke and heat are going to rise, hit the top plate, and force the air to circulate more evenly. They claim that you can get up to 20x better smoke circulation.  

Kamado Joe slow roller

How do the grills fit within the cabinets?

 Both the Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg fit nicly within our corner kamado cabinet using our stainless steel countertop which comes included with the kamdo cabinet. 

Does the XL Green Egg or the Big Joe fit within the cabinets?

Yes, they do! But with the xtra large versions you would not abe able to use the included stainless steel coutnertop.

XL Green egg and Big Joe

If you have any questions regarding a kamado, we are happy to help!

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