Are outdoor kitchens a good investment for your home?

This is an excellent question many realtors get from homeowners when considering home renovations. From experience, in a competitive market where two similar homes are up for sale, one with a well landscaped yard that may include an outdoor kitchen, new wooden deck, good lighting and an outdoor kitchen, the sellers will most definitely sell faster or generate an excellent ROI.

A finished patio or deck can generate an ROI of at least 75% when built from scratch.  Updating your deck or patio can generate an impressive ROI of 500% as you are spending a little less with minor fixes.

Speaking in terms of ROI, adding an outdoor kitchen will give you a greater ROI if you’re located along the southern coast where the climate is milder; however, we have seen a growing trend for outdoor kitchens all over North America in the past few years, even in colder climates. They are made to last in any weather conditions. They always generate interest, be it from potential buyers or your special guests.

An outdoor kitchen has so many benefits:

  • It increases your home’s usable space
  • It helps you keep the inside of your house clean
  • Your entertainment possibilities are endless
  • You will save on energy
  • Your outdoor kitchen will provide you with extra storage space


Other great investment options that can be incorporated are fire pits, pergolas or deck coverings, pizza ovens and depending on area, even a pool. These can compliment your outdoor kitchen and enhance the overall look of your backyard. Below are some fantastic suggestions that can help you enhance your outdoor space and add value or interest to your home:


Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors

Outdoor areas are often the place where we choose to entertain. Investing in a fantastic outdoor kitchen, pizza oven or barbecue — or even a pool depending on your area, will enhance your home. Adding comfortable and quality built-in seating to match is also important so you can enjoy with your guests. Consider how your indoor areas can seamlessly integrate with your outdoor entertaining space and inject more greenery to your indoor spaces to blur the lines between ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor.’


Space-saving furniture and gardens

An important factor to consider is the outdoor space you have. Many families value larger green spaces for the kids to be able to run around. If outdoor space is tighter, make the most of this limitation with multi-use furniture, such as built-in seating that lifts up to double as a storage device for garden equipment , tools or toys. In addition, vertical vegetable gardens or planters can maximize floor space while doubling as plant-able privacy screen from nearby neighbors.

Year-round warmth

When planning your outdoor area, consider how to bring warmth to the space to ensure you can enjoy it all year round. Incorporate inviting, comfortable seating options with the use of timber, and avoid cold materials such as steel and concrete that can be too harsh in winter. Introduce another layer to your furnishing through the use of soft outdoor cushions to add warmth, while an outdoor heater or fire pit can be worth the additional spend in cooler climates.

See how some of our customers have maximized their outdoor space and enhanced their outdoor living.

Condo living doesn’t have to be tight. These condo owners added a simple, budget friendly outdoor kitchen to maximize their usable space.

These homeowners needed something a little more than just a grill, and decided on this 2 PC outdoor kitchen set in white.

Alternatively, you can go all out with this gorgeous full 6 PC set to accommodate for a grill and Kamado grill, and even a sink if you have the space.

If you have any questions on improving your backyard, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us. Our consult is always free and with a picture and dimensions of your space, we can show you exactly what your project would look like when finished!

Your 4 Life Outdoor Team


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