Gray 4 PC Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Set Features:

  • 1 x BBQ Grill cabinet
  • 2 x 2-door cabinet
  • 1 x 88-inch stainless steel countertop
    • Total Weight Capacity: 1,350 lbs.
    • Fully-assembled, welded 304-stainless steel construction
    • Highest rated, AAMA 2605 Powder-coated doors to protect against salt and sun
    • Signature stainless steel door handle
    • Interchangeable BBQ supports fit most 36 In. to 40 In. built-in BBQ grills
    • Pull-out propane tank tray and tank lock
    • 3 drawers with soft-close drawers
    • Two adjustable stainless steel shelves
    • Integrated plumbing/wiring access
    • Double-walled doors
    • Magnetic door latches to keep everything dry within
    • Leveling legs
    • The weather-resistant design keeps everything dry within
    • Decorative side panels and decorative back panels sold separately
    • Limited lifetime warranty

    Outdoor Cabinet Dimensions:

    • Total size: 128″W x 24″D x 35.5″H
    • Cabinets – 32″ W x 22.5″D x 34.5″H
    • BBQ Cabinet – 40″ x 23.5″D x 34.5″H
    • Countertop – 88″W x 24″D x 1″H

    Delivery Time:

    • Delivery time is 5-15 days within mainland USA.
    • The sale price includes curb-side delivery to your home.


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