One of the biggest issues with outdoor cabinetry is that the units are going to be exposed to potentially extreme weather. Below is a collection of details you should be aware of when selecting your outdoor kitchen materials. 

Wood and stone: 


If you want a warm appearance for your outdoor kitchen, wooden cabinets can be a good choice. You would get a beautiful visual detail from the wood grain but know that only the right types of wood can be used to construct outdoor kitchen cabinets. Outdoor kitchen cabinets made from wood also should be treated appropriately for protection from the elements.  A big disadvantage of wooden outdoor kitchen cabinets is the amount of care needed to keep them looking good and in their best shape. Wood can easily fade and break down without the proper care.

Below is a list of woods and what outdoor projects they would be good for. 



Constructed from concrete blocks or a metal frame covered in a brick, decorative stone, or stucco veneer, masonry cabinets are extremely resistant to weather effects and the elements. This type of outdoor kitchen cabinets also gives you that “built-in” look.

On the downside, this type of cabinets can be the most expensive to install as they are quite labor-intensive to assemble and install. You also must purchase additional exterior components such as doors and drawers for masonry cabinets.

If you have a pergola or overhead coverings which protect the outdoor kitchen from elements, then a less expensive material, like wood, could be used. But they will not last very long outside.

304 stainless steel and polyurethane cabinets would work best 9 out of 10 times.

Polymer Board Cabinets

Why we don’t sell polymer cabinets: 

  • Color Fading: Due to its particular structural properties, plastic is difficult to dye. This can mean—after prolonged exposure to sun and other external elements—that you’ll notice distinct fading in the color of plastic outdoor cabinets.
  • since cellular PVC or vinyl (plastic cabinets) are subject to expansion and contraction with heat and cold. Depending on the severity of the temperature swing, this could cause enough of a change in shape and size that it will present problems with the doors of the cabinets opening, closing, and aligning properly.
What are polymer cabinets?

Polymer cabinets are made from a synthetic material similar to plastic. Polymer is more technically known as HDPE, or high density polyethylene, also known as “marine-grade” polymer because it is also used in boating technology.  This type of material is resistant to rust, rot, and other forms of deterioration. Stain-resistant, polymer has the benefit of UV inhibitors that resist fading from the sun. This material is easy to clean and is also impervious to water and moisture. However, you are limited in color choices with polymer, which does not have a lot of visual detail. And, if you are conscious of the environment, you may not want to choose outdoor kitchen cabinets made from polymer as it is constructed from petrochemicals.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Key Features

  • Stainless steel cabinets can be installed in a few hours. 
  • No color fading with architectural powdercoat on 304 stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather resistant

Why Stainless steel is best.

One of the biggest issues with outdoor cabinetry is that the units are going to be exposed to potentially extreme weather. This could include large swings in temperature, abundant moisture, and even possibly salt (if you live near a body of saltwater). This is important to consider, since cellular PVC or vinyl (plastic cabinets) are subject to expansion and contraction with heat and cold. Because of stainless steel’s structural integrity, this is not going to be a problem. Even in extreme conditions, the stainless steel does not warp, bend, expand, or contract. 

This also speaks to the general quality of material, stainless steel is simply going to outperform plastic in terms of quality.

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