Blur the lines between indoors and outdoors: Outdoor areas are often the place where we choose to entertain during the warm months. Invest in a fantastic outdoor kitchen, pizza oven or barbecue — and some comfortable and quality built-in seating to match. Consider how your indoor areas can seamlessly integrate with your outdoor entertaining space and inject more greenery to your indoor spaces to blur the lines between ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor.’ Choose a trendy indoor variety that enjoys filtered light and position them appropriately. Space-saving furniture and gardens: If outdoor space is an issue, make the most of this limitation with multi-use furniture, such as built-in seating that lifts up to double as a storage device for garden equipment or tools. In addition, vertical vegetable gardens or planters can maximize floor space while doubling as plant-able privacy screen from nearby neighbors. Year-round warmth: When planning your outdoor area, consider how to bring warmth to the space to ensure you can enjoy it all year round. Incorporate inviting, comfortable seating options with the use of timber, and avoid cold materials such as steel and concrete that can be too harsh in winter. Introduce another layer to your furnishing through the use of soft outdoor cushions to add warmth, while an outdoor heater or fire pit can beworth the additional spend in cooler climates.
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4000 - 9000 Outdoor Kitchen sets D
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