4 Life Outdoor® – Quality 304 Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets. 

Lifetime warranty. Weatherproof. Rust-resistant.  Built 4 Life™.

We hope you and your family are healthy and thank you for exploring our outdoor kitchen cabinets. We are open and happy to help you design your outdoor kitchen via email and phone. We hope our outdoor kitchens can help you further enjoy time with family and create a new heart of your home.


Our guiding philosophy is to manufacture the highest quality, 304 stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets. Our premium outdoor kitchen cabinets are made by master craftsmen who use the highest standards in stainless steel manufacturing to perfectly weld, polish and powder coat the cabinets from our award-winning factory. The heavy-gauge, 304 stainless steel doors and drawers are additionally protected by the highest global rating in architectural/outdoor powder coating to protect from the salt and sun and help these cabinets last a lifetime.


We take pride in our premium products. And with a lifetime limited warranty, we stand behind our quality products. 

We are Built 4 Life™.

Napoleon Grill in Cabinets

Blaze Grill and Medium Green Egg in Cabinets

Lion Grill and Lion Side Burner in Cabinets

The best architectural powder coat to further protect the 304 stainless steel doors.

Our architectural powder coating process and materials exceed the performance requirements of AAMA 2605, the highest global rating for powder coat durability. Salt and sun do not stand a chance. Learn more about our powder coat.

Easily add your favorite built-in grill or kamado grill.

Place your favorite 36-inch to 40-inch drop-in BBQ grill or Kamado grill within our grill cabinets. Included supports make it easy to place your appliances within. Everything is included and it’s delivered fully assembled, to make setting up an outdoor kitchen super easy.

Weather resistant, soft-close doors and drawers.

Protect your outdoor utensils with weather resistant cabinets. Cabinets do not allow rain to enter, and doors are protected with the highest rated,  UV-resistant powder coating. Cabinet doors and drawers have soft-close hardware to bring everything to a smooth stop. 

XL Kamado Joe and Blaze Grill with Side Burner in Cabinets

Sedona Grill in Cabinets

Lynx Grill in Cabinets

Stainless countertops, side and back panels.

The optional white or gray powder coated stainless steel side and back panels offer a finished look. Stainless steel countertops makes setting up a DIY outdoor kitchen a quick weekend project.

Pre-fabrecated, modular cabinets to easily customize look.

We encourage you to customize the cabinet sets to make it uniquely yours. The modular, fully assembled cabinet design allows you to place cabinets in any order, to work best for you. 

Add your favorite sink, fridge, or drop-in side burner and bar accessories.

Add a fridge, sink, ice-bin, garbage or drop-in appliances with our integrated plumbing/wiring access. Learn more about adding appliances and additional items from our Outdoor Kitchen Learner Center.  

Cal Flame Grill in Cabinets

XL Green Egg and Lion Grill in Cabinets

Coyote Grill in Cabinets

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Learn More About Our Stainless Cabinets

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    3 PC White Outdoor Cabinet Island with 66-Inch Stainless Countertop

On Sale: $2050

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 5 PC Gray BBQ Grill Outdoor Kitchen with 98-Inch Stainless Countertop

On Sale: $4050

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 3 PC White BBQ Grill Outdoor Kitchen 126-Inches Wide W/ 3 Cabinets

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7 PC Gray BBQ Kamado Outdoor Kitchen: 88-Inch & 34-Inch Stainless Countertops W/ 5 Cabinets

On Sale: $5099

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Accessories and Countertops

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