5 Best Big Green Egg Accessories

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Must haves for your Big Green Egg:

ConvEGGtor in large Green Egg

Big Green Egg ConvEGGtor For Large Egg –  5 Stars and an Amazon’s Choice at $195.86

The ConvEGGtor® is used for indirect convection cooking on the Big Green Egg, because not every dish should be placed directly over fire!

The ConvEGGtor® helps you accomplish a full meal outdoors by helping you control the grilling method and heat of your dish.

You will truly benefit from this accessory when you are making dishes that require low and slow cooking, or recipes that would typically go into your house oven such as your grandma’s apple crisp or scalloped potatoes!

With the ConvEGGtor®, nothing ever needs to be cooked inside the house.

Multi level grate large green egg

3 Tier 5 Piece EGGspander –   5 Stars at $189.99

The EGGspander is like having multiple oven racks; it essentially multiplies the cooking possibilities with multi-level cooking. You can choose various setups to cook a larger meal or make several dishes simultaneously.

It provides an elevated sliding grid for easy access to the bottom piece. Designed to connect to the existing cooking grid, this accessory works with the Large or XL EGGs.

You can purchase a 5-piece kit or the original EGGspander multi-level rack.

This EGGspander is especially useful when making pizzas enough to feed your kids and their friends!

Kick ash basket

Kick Ash Basket  –   5 Stars at $87.14

The original time-saving and temperature-regulating charcoal basket; Kick Ash Basket’s stainless steel charcoal basket for Large Big Green Egg grills is the better way to grill; effortlessly shift out excess ash for an easy cleanup and a better quality fire the next time you grill.

Provide your coals and lump charcoal with the room they need to breath; the best fires for grills and smokers are made when coals are not suffocated by leftover ash; the technology used in Kick Ash Basket’s original designs ensure your coals are aerated and clear of debris each time you light up to cook; all you have to do is shake that ash. 

welding gloves for kamado grilling

932°F Heat Resistant Forge Welding Gloves –   5 Stars at $20.99

EXTREME 932°F HEAT RESISTANT PROTECTION – OZERO welding gloves feature a 100% insulated lining with heat-resistant aluminum foil offering your hands comfort and heat resistance, that makes them ideal for BBQ, grilling, meats smoking, oven and welding.

THICK, FLAME RETARDANT AND DURABLE LEATHER – These heat resistant gloves are made from carefully-selected 1.2mm thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide which is heat resistant, fire retardant, oil resistant, puncture resistant. Perfect protection for TIG, MIG, barbecue, stove, fireplace and animals handling.

SUPERIOR SECURITY FOR YOUR HANDS AND FORERAMS – The 14-inch long glove with extra 5.5-inch sleeve protects your forearm from welding sparks, grinding debris, hot coals and open flames.

GGC Electric Charcoal Fire Starter Lighter

GGC Electric Charcoal Fire Starter Lighter –   5 Stars and Amazon Choice at $38.99

Ideal lighter for ceramic grills, charcoal barbecues. Igniting fires and BBQs takes just a few seconds. Dramatically cuts the time it takes until you can start cooking. Includes a hook for hanging that doubles as a bottle opener.

The hot airstream process eliminates the chemical taste that infuses food on BBQs lit using lighter fluid and gas.

The does not throw flames, Only need overheated air to start the grill. The safety casing quickly cools after use, Trigger must be depressed to produce heat, protecting against accidents.

Easily ignites briquettes and hardwood charcoal, wood and kindling for BBQs, grills, smokers, wood burning fireplaces, and fire pits.

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