Selecting your BBQ island

Don’t quite know where to start shopping? Why don’t we navigate through some of the options available here, at 4 Life Outdoor.

First, you want to plan the amount of space you need. Are you looking for something in-line, or L-shaped? You might be in the market for just a couple of cabinets with a grill to start. When customers contact us, they typically start by mentioning the amount of space in length they have. Our website organizes all outdoor kitchens by size, price or shape. Let’s have a look at some of the BBQ island options available.

Whatever option fits your needs, 4 Life Outdoor offers stainless steel countertops, which are great if you want little to no maintenance. Depending on the layout you’re looking for, you might need a countertop that covers 2 cabinets (the 66” stainless steel cabinet) or 2 shorter stainless countertops (34” in length) to cover each individual cabinet, if you intend on putting  your BBQ cabinet right in the middle.


5.5 Ft – 9 Ft BBQ Islands (In-line options)

If your space allows for 5.5-9ft total, you’re looking at a 2-3 cabinet set; you can add a beverage refrigerator, your grill cabinet on one side and another cabinet of your choice on the other, as shown below. If covered with stone, you can fit in a drop-in sink or side burner through your cabinets.

3349 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 3 PC Set White Stainless Steel Cabinets 2x2 door Cabinet, 1xBBQ Cabinet There are many more options that are available for smaller outdoor kitchen sizes. We suggest you have a look at all of the 5.5 ft – 9 ft cabinet combination options within your budget and send us an email or give us a call to discuss your thoughts, be it for your imminent home projects or future dream kitchen.

Here you also have 2 simpler, shorter options which both look fantastic. They are 2-cabinet sets, one being the grill cabinet.

2449 4 Life Outdoor White Stainless Steel 2 PC Outdoor Kitchen 1 x 3 Drawer Cabinet 1 x BBQ cabinet 2349 4 Life Outdoor Gray Stainless Steel 2 PC Outdoor Kitchen 1 x Drawer + 2-Door Cabinet 1 x BBQ cabinet


9 Ft – 15 Ft BBQ Islands (In-Line)

If you are lucky to have a little more usable space to fill, you might want to include a few appliances within your design such as a refrigerator for food or beverages, a dishwasher or a full grill. For example, the below outdoor kitchen in white includes a 2-door cabinet, refrigerator, 3-drawer to organize those BBQ ustensils and tools, a grill cabinet with storage and another 2-door. Appliances can be installed within the cabinets through custom stone countertops. This set spans over 11.3 ft. 4549 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 4 PC Outdoor kitchen White 2x2-Door Cabinet 1x3-Drawer 1xBBQ


Below, this gray 4-piece budget friendly set includes a grill cabinet, 1-drawer plus 2-door cabinet and a  2-door cabinet. The second set in white includes a 3-drawer instead.

3849 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 4 PC Outdoor kitchen Gray 1 x 2 door1 x Drawer Plus 2-door 1 x BBQ 1 x 66 inch stainless countertop 3949 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 4 PC set White stainless steel cabinets 1 x 2 door 1 x 3 Drawer 1 x BBQ cabinet 1 x 66 inch stainless countertop

Because the cabinets are modular, they have the advantage of being assembled in any sequence that fits your space best. Your grill cabinet can be placed right in the middle or on the side.

You can take a look at the selections of grills we recommend to fit your cabinet, or you can ask us if your grill will fit.

4099 4 Life Outdoor Product Image White 5 PC Outdoor kitchen 1 x 2 door 1 x BBQ 1 x 3 drawer 2 x 34 stainless countertops L


L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchens

If you have room, you can create a nice open design with an L-shaped outdoor kitchen simply by adding a corner cabinet. The corner cabinet itself has a hexagonal shape, which offers a lot of storage space within. Another option is to go with a kamado corner cabinet, to add an additional grilling option to your outdoor grill island.  The kamado cabinet also offers additional storage space underneath.

Again, because they are modular cabinets, they can be positioned in any combination you wish; if, down the line, you want to make some quick changes to your outdoor kitchen, you can reposition them.

There are multiple available options in L-shaped kitchens on our website.

4 Life Outdoor cabinets come with the powder-coated front panels in white or gray colors. If you are looking for a seamless look all around for your BBQ island, we do offer the side and back panels which are a popular option by our customers.

In the next example, the customers were looking to furnish their deck with an L-shaped kitchen. They had enough room for a 10-piece and chose to include a kamado cabinet for multiple grilling options. A corner cabinet also works.

The kamado and corner cabinets come with the stainless steel countertop though if you choose a stone, you would simply remove it.

7149 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 10 PC Outdoor kitchen White 1x2-Door Cabinet 1xDrawer+2-door cabinet, 1 x 3 drawer cabinet 1xCorner Kamado Cabinet 1x BBQ 2 x side panels 2 x 34Top 1 x 32Top
The 5-piece shown below excludes the stainless steel countertop. Multiple appliances are included within; a drop-in sink, refrigerator and a side burner. The countertop is made of stone as a contractor would be able to cut through it. 5799 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 5 PC White Outdoor kitchen 2 x 2-door, 1x3-Drawer 1xCorner Cabinet 1xBBQ cabinet

Feel free to contact us to discuss your upcoming or future dream projects. We are happy to use your pictures and measurements to insert the cabinets into your space, always free of charge. So is our expertise.

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