Create a perfect L-Shaped Corner Outdoor Kitchen

You may be surprised how a small space can be organized into a nice grilling area. Because of the cabinets, an outdoor kitchen isn’t only for cooking but also plays an important role in the storage and organization of your home.

Your cluttered house kitchen utensils and extra pots and pans can finally be stored in an extended, embellished space, dedicated for this very purpose!

Whether it is a project of the distant future or a backyard improvement you are dying to get started with (as in, yesterday!), we can navigate through some exciting options to see which ones are feasible for your space and budget.

4 Life Outdoor grill islands and outdoor kitchens are all made of 304 stainless steel, with a choice of white or gray powder-coated doors. To have an idea of the exact shades we offer, have a look at our color sheet to help you decide what best fits your space. Powder-coating is ultra durable, and ensures the cabinets will be protected against the weather elements for years; the welded corners also play a part in keeping your outdoor kitchen red carpet worthy! The handles are discreet and drawers and doors are soft-closing (one of my favorite features!).

For a starter, think about what your needs are in terms of practicality. For appliances, I personally feel that a sink is a must but if you have to pick, perhaps a beverage refrigerator is a priority for you. If that sink needs to wait, you can go ahead with a 2-door so your contractor can install it through your stone countertop once you are ready to have it installed, down the line. It’s all about planning.

If you are into Kamado grills, 4 Life Outdoor has a corner cabinet specifically to fit it in so you don’t need to plan for extra space or extra support for the weight. Also, as the cabinets are all modular, you have the freedom to decide where you want to position each of them and you can change your mind down the road. If you move, you can take your cabinets with you! There are also more permanent options if you are working with a contractor and want to use stone.

We will have a look at what the various options are.

Below is an L-shaped corner kitchen where both a Kamado grill and Blackstone griddle were incorporated within the design, with a lot of countertop space for easy food preps.

6699 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 8 PC Outdoor kitchen White 2x2-Door Cabinet 1x3-Drawer 1xKamado Cabinet 1 x 40inch BBQ Cabinet 3 x 34 Iinch Stainless Countertops


The below homeowners chose to make the most of their deck space available and we helped them design their outdoor kitchen and create an entertainment area they would be proud of. They can move their cabinets around as they are modular and easy to reposition, using the shorter stainless steel countertops covering the individual cabinets.

7149 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 10 PC Outdoor kitchen White 1x2-Door Cabinet 1xDrawer+2-door cabinet, 1 x 3 drawer cabinet 1xCorner Kamado Cabinet 1x BBQ 2 x side panels 2 x 34Top 1 x 32Top

Here is another fully modular example that shows how all appliances can be incorporated within, easily. A contractor can easily perform the cutouts through a stone countertop.

5999 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 6 PC Outdoor kitchen Gray 2x2-Door Cabinets 1x3 Drawer Cabinet 1xKamado Cabinet 1xBBQ cabinet 2xside panels


If you are thinking more along the lines of a permanently anchored outdoor grill island, it could look something like the example below. The grey set corner kitchen is embedded within stone and covered with their choice stone countertop.

4449 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 4 PC Set Gray Stainless Steel Cabinets 2x2 door Cabinet, 1xDrawer+2-door Cabinet, 1xBBQ Cabinet


Another great design project below shows how minimal stone was incorporated to create a bar and clean side finish. The gray cabinets can appear lighter or darker depending on the lighting how the sun shines on them. The stone bar creates a physical separation and a place to entertain between the pool and grilling area.


3499 4 Life Outdoor Product Image 3 PC set Gray Stainless Steel Cabinets 1 x 2 Door Cabinet 1 x BBQ Cabinet and 1 x 3 Drawer Cabinet Z2


For more photos and L-shaped corner kitchen ideas, take a look at the different configurations on our website. Whether you are ready to purchase, need help with visualizing your design or for a simple brainstorming conversation, we are always here to help.

Your 4 Life Outdoor Team


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