As important as winterizing your outdoor space is, preparing for the grill season is just as important and even more exciting!

If the cold and snow came too quickly last fall and you didn’t get to winterize your kitchen, it’s ok! You can start now with a good spring cleaning in preparation for a fantastic grill season ahead.


How to clean your outdoor kitchen?

Go around your kitchen cabinets and pull out your appliances to clean out any accumulated debris like dead leaves. This is important so that all the vents are clean and cleared.

Go over your cabinets, countertops and the exterior of your grills with some mild soapy water. Once this step is completed, follow our guide on how to clean and maintain your outdoor kitchen. What to use or not to use is discussed in this guide and ensures that your kitchen will look like new for years and years! Stainless steel is as easy to maintain as can be; especially with the powder-coating which offers double protection. However, you can protect your outdoor kitchen even further against salt, sun and chemicals and our guide is where you will find all the tips.

Next, check your gas line and connections for any visual damage. Cover it with soapy water to test for any leaks. Plug in your gas line tightly into your propane tank if it’s been previously disconnected. Once secured, turn on the gas and see if the soapy water bubbles anywhere on the line or at the ends. If so, we suggest to shut it off and call your local gas technician and have the line changed or connections checked. If nothing is found, move on to the next step!

Check your grills for any sign of rust. If you own a Blackstone griddle or any iron appliance, you can follow their easy to follow Blackstone griddle maintenance guide.

Green egg with Black stone in outdoor kitchen white cabinets


If you have one, it’s time to clean your BBQ grill and your green egg! Remove all old charcoal or debris that may have been left. If you use charcoal in your grill, add a fresh batch at the bottom of your grill and turn it on to the highest temperature. Let it burn! If you have an hour or so, that’s perfect. Once finished, let it cool, vacuum or clean out all the ashes and use a stainless steel brush for the grate. You can leave it as is or wipe it with a soft cloth like microfiber.

Remove your fire box and fire ring (above and below the grate), give them a good clean as well. As for your cabinets, do not use chemicals on your appliances. Vinegar, water and just fire itself is plenty for your green egg to be sanitized. Any other chemicals could cause damage and leak into your food.

You are now ready for the grilling season! If we can be of any help, feel free to contact us anytime.

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