How to make an outdoor kitchen sink?


A under mount sink is easy to keep clean as it is seamless and gives your outdoor kitchen a polished look. Adding an outdoor kitchen sink to your space is easy with our modular outdoor kitchen cabinets.



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If you are considering adding a sink to your backyard or outdoor BBQ space, you are not alone. Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity, and so are the functionalities and accessories you can add to them.

Imagine not having to run inside your house to wash your hands every time you handle a piece of meat or do some gardening. If you have kids, there is no better place than outdoors to teach the little hands how to cook! And you can turn your sink into an ice bin to keep your drinks cold and thirsty guests happy. Depending on what you need it for, any sink can be customized for your personal needs with a single, two or even three basins.

However simple your outdoor setting is, you can add in a traditional stainless steel sink or you can really dress it up with something that will embellish your space from a design perspective. Farmhouse sinks have become quite the trend. They are even offered in stones such as granite or soapstone. You can get very creative.

It is important to consult a contractor before cutting through your stone countertop. They can also make suggestions with regard to plumbing and location of the plumbing to avoid potential issues. DIY projects can save you money but mistakes can be costly! On any set of 4LifeOutdoor cabinets, you can customize your sink to fit onto your 2-door cabinet and have your contractor cut through the stone. A under mount sink is easy to keep clean as it is seamless and gives your outdoor kitchen a polished look.

Some homeowners have creatively used the top of their drawer+2-door cabinets to insert their sink. The top drawer then becomes a simple decoration or a fixed panel.

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If you use a stone for your sink, your dealer may have some maintenance recommendations to help keep your sink like new for many years.

To learn more about stone countertops, take a look at 4 Life Outdoor’s kitchen collections and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Our team is always available for quick questions or to discuss your dream project!

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