What to look for in a quality modular outdoor kitchen

What are Modular Outdoor Kitchens?

Modular outdoor kitchen cabinets are constructed with standardized units or dimensions. Since this type of outdoor kitchen is pre-fabricated, meaning you don’t have to hire contractors to create a permanent structure, this makes modular options practical and budget-friendly. Not to mention, it saves you a lot of energy and time as setup can be completed in under a few hours.

Modular cabinets are becoming ever more popular because it gives a homeowner an instant outdoor kitchen.

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 What should you look for in a modular outdoor kitchen?

The best outdoor kitchen cabinets are made of 304 stainless steel or marine grade polymer. The stainless would last longer with less maintenance but the polymer give more custom options.  Check out our thoughts on stainless steel vs Polymer here. 

Before modular cabinets, homeowners would hire a contractor and create a stone kitchen with stainless doors placed for access. The problem is that there is no features in there. Just a raw open space. This is the biggest difference between stainless doors and modular cabinets.

Modular cabinets are inclosed and come with a variety of features depending on the cabinet type . Grill cabinets, for example generally have shelves, propane tank housing, and space for grilling accessories. Your first step would be to create a wishlist to customize your outdoor kitchen.

How do I customize my modular outdoor kitchen?

Accommodating all the features within your wishlist for your outdoor kitchen depends on how big the space you have to fit all the appliances and cabinet modules. For example, a good grilling outdoor kitchen will require you to have two to four modules: to accommodate the grill, sink, refrigerator, and /or side burner. 

You also need to choose the desired shape of your modular outdoor kitchen. A straight modular kitchen is advised for a small setup while an L-Shaped or U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen is advised for a big setup.

Modules also come with various sizes, and you will need to know the drop-in dimensions for your appliance to fit. If you don’t know, we can help you with this.

When planning a space, most modular cabinets come in standard sizes, for example: grill cabinets usually are a 40-inch grill cabinet, 32-inches for a sink cabinet and side burner cabinet, and a mini-fridge would span about 22-inches. These four items alone would span about 10 feet.

Also, make sure that everything is prepared for once your modular outdoor kitchen cabinets arrive. Some factors to consider are preparing the space to make sure it’s level, and making sure your plumbing, gas and electricity provisions are all met. You will need to contact the appropriate contractor for the plumbing, gas and electricity requirements.


Here are some key features and characteristics of modular outdoor kitchens:

Modular Design: Modular outdoor kitchens are constructed using pre-fabricated modular units or components. These components can include cabinets, countertops, grills, side burners, sinks, storage drawers, and more. The modular design allows for flexibility in creating a customized outdoor kitchen to fit your specific needs and available space.

Versatility: You can choose from a wide range of modular components to create a kitchen that suits your cooking style and preferences. Whether you want a simple setup with just a grill and countertop or a more elaborate kitchen with multiple appliances and storage options, you can mix and match modular units to achieve your desired configuration.

Ease of Installation: Installing a modular outdoor kitchen is often easier and faster compared to building a traditional outdoor kitchen from scratch. The modular units are designed to fit together seamlessly, reducing the need for extensive construction work.

Durability: Modular outdoor kitchens are typically built to withstand outdoor elements like rain, sun, and temperature fluctuations. They are constructed from materials such as stainless steel, weather-resistant wood, or durable synthetic materials that can withstand exposure to the elements.

Functionality: These kitchens can be equipped with various cooking appliances, including gas or charcoal grills, side burners, pizza ovens, smokers, and refrigeration units. Some also include features like outdoor sinks, beverage centers, and warming drawers.

Aesthetics: Modular outdoor kitchens come in various designs and finishes to complement your outdoor space’s aesthetics. You can choose from a range of styles, colors, and materials to match your personal taste and the overall design of your outdoor area.

Entertainment and Socializing: Outdoor kitchens are not just for cooking; they are often the focal point of outdoor entertaining. They provide a convenient space for hosting gatherings, barbecues, and social events, allowing you to interact with guests while preparing meals.

Maintenance: Depending on the materials used, modular outdoor kitchens can be relatively low-maintenance. Stainless steel components are easy to clean, and synthetic materials may require minimal upkeep.

Cost: While modular outdoor kitchens offer convenience and customization, they can vary in cost depending on the complexity of the design and the quality of materials used. However, they are often more cost-effective than custom-built outdoor kitchens.


Modular outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular among homeowners who enjoy outdoor cooking and entertaining. They offer a practical and attractive solution for creating functional outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed year-round. 

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