So many names for different outdoor spaces. Let’s explore the differences and design opportunities with each. 


The back yard deck: 

The deck is generally a roofless platform affixed to the house. They are usually made of long wood planks and are elevated from the ground. The deck is home to many BBQ grills and seating with tables for enjoying the sun. Decks are generally enclosed by a railing. Some also partially cover the deck with a canopy or pergola. The deck is a perfect place for outdoor cabinets. The 4 Life Outdoor Grill Cabinet can hold most of your favorite grills and the additional cabinets add to your storage options and counterspace for preparing the feast!  

The Patio: 

A paved outdoor area adjoining a house, generally used for dining or recreation. The term comes from Spain, where its meaning is different (inner courtyard).  Just like the deck, the patio is home for the grill and outdoor kitchens but the patio, most of the time, has more room. This gives for opportunities to create an island or additional appliances.

The Terrace

The terrace is very similar to the patio. This word is derived from the Latin word for earth. As such, the term was used for a structure that was built on the earth, usually from rock or tiles. In modern times, the term is also used for open or communal areas found on rooftops. In many places, the term patio is also used interchangeably with terrace.

On most rooftop terraces you will find a grill or outdoor kitchen. We are seeing this especially in New York. 

Florida Room vs Lenai

A Florida room is a room within the house, mostly towards the rear, and has lots of windows. Florida rooms are also called sunrooms.

A Lenai is a term frequently used in Hawaii to describe a specific type of porch. Most often it’s used to describe an enclosed porch with a concrete or stone floor. Lanais are slightly different from sunrooms because most often they have concrete floors and are situated on the ground adjacent to the home.

A grill kitchen is not recommend indoors.

The Porch:

A covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a house or building. The structure is external to the walls of the building but it may be enclosed in certain types of frames including walls, columns, or screens, extending from the main structure.

As the porch is in the front of the house, only seating is recommended in this space.


The Veranda:

A veranda may be a large porch that’s a room for entertaining or it may be a gallery running along one or more sides of the home, roofed, perhaps with a railing. Often a veranda will wrap around a house – think Victorian or New Orleans style here – perhaps on the front and both sides.

Veranda’s are generally a long space but not very wide. For this reason most only have seating on their veranda. 

The Pergola:

A garden structure built up over a path or narrow terrace, lined with evenly spaced columns or posts that support a wooden-framed roof without sheathing. Often, vines are trained around the wooden framework of a pergola, and the pergola may lead from one building to another. 

Outdoor kitchens under a pergola is perfect. It provide some shade to keep your and the furniture cool under the summer heat. 

The Gazebo:

A free-standing structure with a roof and open sides. Gazebos can be square, rectangular or round, but the most popular shape is a six- or eight-sided formation. They can consist simply of a roof supported by posts, or can incorporate a low wall, two or three feet high. 

Cabinets within a gazebo would work well. Nice place to include a fridge and seating to enjoy summer nights. 

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